Most all vendors today treating cooling towers feed chemicals and blow down the towers based on low cycles when the water chemistry gets out of range. This treatment method has been around for over 50 years and consumes a lot of water which is paid for twice, coming in and going down the drain. This expense is costing you a lot of money. The chemical rebalancing also is done at a considerable cost in materials (chemicals).

Water Conservation Technology International (WCTI) developed a patented treatment methodology that conserves water, all but eliminating tower blow downs. This reduces your water expense to the amount evaporated only as well as all the chemicals needed to rebalance the water quality. If your blowdown is metered you will see a large reduction in the wastewater portion of your water bill. WCTI’s patented process creates a sterile environment inhibiting all biological growth including Legionella on all wetted surfaces.

WCTI’s green technology helps qualify for additional LEED credits.