Water Softener

Our Engineer will come out for a free site survey and water analysis to provide a quote for the correct equipment that suits your needs.

  Green Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Most all vendors today treating cooling towers feed chemicals and blow down the towers based on low cycles when the water chemistry gets out of range. This treatment method has been around for over 50 years and consumes a lot of water which is paid for twice, coming in and going down the drain. This expense is costing you a lot of money. The chemical rebalancing also is done at a considerable cost in materials (chemicals).

Water Conservation Technology International (WCTI) developed a patented treatment methodology that conserves water, all but eliminating tower blow downs. This reduces your water expense to the amount evaporated only as well as all the chemicals needed to rebalance the water quality. If your blowdown is metered you will see a large reduction in the wastewater portion of your water bill. WCTI’s patented process creates a sterile environment inhibiting all biological growth including Legionella on all wetted surfaces.

WCTI’s green technology helps qualify for additional LEED credits.


  Softener Repairs

If you are considering a softener replacement why not consider rebuilding yours. If the electronics are functioning and the system less than 10 years old, this is an economical alternative to system replacement. The effects of chloramines in municipal water really tears up the rubber seals and the pistons in the softener control valves exposed to the brine in about 2 years. They should be rebuilt at that time to maintain efficient operation and reliability. Modern softener controls only need to be rebuilt with new pistons and seals, and brine valves.

Softeners on municipal water with chlorine or chloramines lose resin capacity with time. After 5 years as much as 30 to 50% capacity can be lost. If you are setting the control to shorter runs to compensate you are wasting that same percentage of salt. Re-bedding the tank with new resin and rebuilding the control will have your softener operating like the day it was installed.

  System Tune-up

We can modify your system control settings for most efficient use of salt. Softeners can either regenerate on a fixed number of days or a volume of water used. Most installers are unfamiliar with calculating the correct inputs and it ends up costing the customer substantially at times in the quantity of salt being used. With this service we test the incoming water hardness, check the system capacity and modify the control setting for the most efficient use of salt. If you have a softener that regenerates only a fixed number of days, a look at a few water bills will help determine the frequency of regeneration.

  Softener Re-bed

A re-bed is simply replacing the resin in softener. This is necessary particularly on municipal water where the resin has lost its form due to the chlorine and or chloramines present in the water. The resin beads lose their shape, form, and capacity to remove hardness. In Northern Virginia this happens in the 5 to 7 year time frame depending on the resin quality. There will be a noticeable to major pressure loss through the equipment in extreme cases. We remove the old resin and replace it with new resin restoring the softener to its original capacity.

  Filter replacement

Cost determined by filter quantity and type.

  Class 4 Waterworks Operator

Servicing private Non-Transient Non-Community Water System (NTNCWS) that need a licensed operator. Typically Non-Transient Non-Community Water Systems are public water systems that regularly supply water to at least 25 of the same people at least six months per year. Some examples are schools, factories, office buildings, and hospitals which have their own water systems.


  Solar Salt

Salt Delivered by the pallet. Best price available on quantities over 3 pallets. Call for pricing. Lead time in the summer is typically 4-6 work days. Winter months during bad weather is longer.

  Salt Pellets

Salt Delivered by the pallet. Best price available on quantities over 3 pallets. Call for pricing. Lead time in the summer is typically 4-6 work days. Winter months during bad weather is longer.